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You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
- Mark Twain

For the final portion of this project I spend a good amount of time exploring music and learning about music licensing within the motion graphics industry. For personal projects, like reels, it seems like the industry is split on whether you should or shouldn’t. For commercial projects, naturally, music rights or licenses are required.

I had a list of songs I wanted to use, but I wanted to challenge myself to selecting a song that had a Creative Commons License. I know, for potential future projects, I may not have the luxury of using one of my favorite songs. I want to put a huge thank you out there the awesome people and artists at They made this exponentially easier with top notch quality.

This class was the first time I ever used After Effects and the learning curve seems steep. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to start moving my way up that learning curve and give myself ample time to just explore how it worked and what it can do. I wanted to use simple shapes and keep it somewhat abstract so I didn’t limit myself.

This class was really what I needed to push myself to learn and explore.

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Thanks a lot! I really wanted to keep the 3D from my style frames in there but it just didn't seem to be working once I added the music to the timeline. I tried a few things but they all seemed forced. I'm hoping to work a bit more with 3D as I go. This will definitely be a helpful resource as I build my skill though!