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So, I'm finally done with this piece! Between paying projects and other stuff it was a challenge to get this thing done but I'm pretty happy with it!
This was a tribute to one of my all-time favs - Miles Davis.
I came into the concept thinking that there's so many parallels between artists and musicians - especially when you're trying to create something and you're not sure how it's going to end up. The thought of this is what I tried to center around one of Mr. Davis's most famous quotes - which is in the video.
The song used is from Miles's album 'Bitches Brew'

I also want to thank Jorge for teaching such an awesome class!
What I learned from you in this class is invaluable.



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Great work! I enjoyed how the animation fellt noisy like film grain and not perfectly CG clean, matches the warmth of the audio really well. The animations and compositions lead the eye around the frame really pleasantly too.

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