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Animation process

I am going to describe some of the pre-production of the animation starting with audio.

Homework: Assignment

Starting with audio

My goal for the audio was to look for something that had an ambient/atmospheric sound but also some with percussion or other accent sounds that would break up the monotone ambient sound.

 I found it to be very difficult to find something that suited both so I settled down for finding a more ambient song, the Glass Fields (Instrumental) by Daniel M. Petersen had some breakage in the middle of the main ambient tone so it was not fully monotone which I think made the whole project work. After editing the bits that I needed I just had to bring it to after effects for the animatic.

Homework: Extra Credit


I found the process of the making the animatic relatively easy at this point I only had to worry about the timing of the stills, felt like I didn’t need to make any rough animation because I thought the pictures were self-explanatory of how things would connect or go.

My main worry was that the viewer would get confused because there will be so many cuts and only the end has transitions.

After making the first version of the animatic, I made a second one with crossfades between the shots just to get feedback and know if having too many cuts makes the viewing jarring. However, I have been told that is it fine to have cut as long as you direct the focus in a sensitive way from one shot to the other.



Homework: Process

The Animation

Overall, I have had the chance to learn many things during the process of animating this film from managing assets to making rigs to finding creative solutions to very technical problems. Thanks to this project, I was able to learn many things about After Effects and Cinema 4D, and how to come up with a workflow to use them in together.

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