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Based on the quote suggested by JR Canest: “ Animation is about creating the illusion of life
and you can’t create it if you don’t have one” by Brad Bird. I developed a concept to make an animation. After getting the quote I made a mind note document to get out of my head ideas and keywords that could help in developing the concept.
After getting a little into words I started sketching ideas trying to imagine forms of geometrical objects moving around the frame and with some of those sketches I created a timeline giving them a little sense by putting them one after another.
I searched for images to create a moodboard to get some idea of forms and textures, and after that I created the storyboard and started refining the design until I got all of my styleframes.

Homework: Process

Here’s the images of the concept development process

The Mind node process, the moodboard, sketches and Storyboard


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