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Concept & Design

I am going to focus on the visualization of the concept and core story then starting to think about the design.

Homework: Assignment

Mind Map

Initially, I started with the mind map, I was not confident to start on the mind map because I usually like to think of the why questions such as why I choose this quote or why am I choosing this look over another etc…

Which ultimately these questions can help me to know which concept is best for me to make a short film about but at the same time, I could not think about any other quotes, so I had to move forward with Wirth’s law.

This mind map helped to breakdown the concept of the law and I mainly focused on four words: slower, rapidly, software and hardware. The reason was that I knew that the subject of the quote were these keywords and therefore if I managed to concretize these words I would be able to start thinking of a story and designing it.

Homework: Extra Credit

Initial sketch

My goal for the sketch was to come up with a series of repeatable shots because I wanted to communicate the process and the relationship between software and hardware, and between, slow and fast.

The look of the elements is simple and different from the final product because I wanted to easily communicate the message in which I explain the law, once I had feedback that the core story was received well I was then able to make the elements much dissimilar.

Homework: Process

Mood board

The mood board that I choose is relatively simple it has elements that I like such as grids and dots in the background and some aspects like the glow in one of the cracks.

Homework: Additional Content

The Design

To make the design I first started with the look of the servers that I thought it was the most important asset.

The reason for me to change the look from a desktop computer to a server is that I believed it would have more range when it comes to animation and because it would be easier to put many servers next to each other.

For the rest of the elements, I was more inspired by the usual tech visualizations such as circuit boards and other things that I explored in the mind map and mood board.


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