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Lesson 3 - Concept Before Animation
Homework: Assignment

The Quote

To begin this project, I started with a quote that resonated with the world we live in and the work I do. I wanted something that would be quite abstract to allow more freedom as the process continued.

I pulled out 5 keywords – Live, Digital, World, Analog and, Creatures. Using word association and connections I was able to add more words to expand these initial thoughts.

Homework: Extra Credit


After the mind map and word association I created 3 moodboards which encompassed these keywords. The first around ‘Digital VS Analog’, the second on ‘Creature and Live’ and the last on ‘World’.

Each started to portray a mood and I began to see some key patterns and colours I wanted to explore further in the next stage of this process. 

Homework: Process

Sketches & Storyboard

Moving onto sketches, I started with the first part of the quote ‘We live in a digital world’ and wanted to show an abstract representation of each part. I experimented with circular patterns and forms to represent the world and fluid patterns to show the digital elements. After this I looked at the latter part of the quote ‘but we’re fairly analog creatures’. In these sketches, I wanted to show a symbol that represented the ‘creature’ and a more structured, linear pattern to link with analog.

As I refined the sketches, I focused on 1 preferred design for the world visual and 2 potentials for the creature. It didn’t take long to sketch a design I was happy with for the world part, but the creature section took more refinement until I was happy with the outcome.

For the storyboard, I wanted it to be quite simplistic and thought 6 frames were the perfect amount to show the story I wanted to produce.   

Homework: Additional Content


For the Styleframes, I wanted to use a limited colour palette and thought the Pink, Orange and Blue contrasted well against the black from my initial moodboard. These bright colours would represent the digital/ future and the black and white would link into the analog/past. I used a ‘Liquify’ effect to create two sets of patterns for the digital and analog elements which worked well against the simple line drawings of the world and creature.

I really enjoyed this process. It took a while to complete but think its important to nail the story and design before jumping straight into animation. 


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