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Keyframing in Adobe After Effects

Jorge's 10 Principles of Motion Design were, for me, an entry point into dissecting and examining Motion Design as an art form. They provide a benchmark for craft but also allow for personal expression from the animator. I found myself looking at Motion Design in new ways as the creative and technical were truly intersecting.

Homework: Assignment

Using the 10 Principles of Motion Design

To practice these principles, I explored my own personal branding and created this logo animation. This could be used as the intro to a demo reel and as an animated website logo.

Animation for the Purpose of Self-Aggrandizement

Homework: Process


For this project I worked in the order of Inspiration, Shape Design, Animation Planning, Animation Execution, and finally Color.

Once I had my inspiration and references in place, I designed the logo over the course of one afternoon. I kept animation at the front of my mind as I laid out the design - contrast between shapes but also a unified design language. I began the design in After Effects, but switched to Illustrator for the more complex or curved letters (Overlord ftw).

When I was happy with the design, I sat down and sketched out some rough plans for animation. I had never done this before but it was extremely helpful to map out my animation goals and targets. I don't know how I've been skipping this step, and I will definitely be continuing this in the future.

Animation was a LOT of work. But using the 10 Principles of Animation gave me some solid goals for execution, and tried to use all of them in unique ways. Rigged Box plugin was a lifesaver here. Even with my planning, I had some tough issues to work through (namely with regard to Timing and Rhythm as I layered animations on top of each other). But for the most part everything flowed and it was a fun process from start to finish.

When it came time to add color - I was so used to a b+w version that it was really hard for me! But without color it felt unfinished. I tried to add a splash without overwhelming the complexity and making a mess.

Homework: Additional Content


My primary source of inspiration was CODEX NEO by Savants. I wanted to create a minimalistic and expressive type design for my logo, and I pulled a lot of elements from here.

I was also extremely inspired by Motion Design Lesson 02 Homework by Felixander Yuan, Russell Belleret, Mariusz Wnęk, Naomi Bensen and Tomasz Czajka!


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