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Homework: Assignment


01 What got you into motion design?

Choose a motion design piece that you love.
- I really like Netflix’s Stranger Things simple and powerful opening sequence.

Break apart and write down the parts of the piece meanings. What was the goal, or story of the piece?
- To give an odd, intriguing introduction to this horror/suspense series.

What are the characteristics of the design and the audio?
- The design is neon-like yet dark, massive and steady. The audio has an organic and muffled feel, like someone’s apprehension when facing something out of the ordinary. It eerie and becomes theatrical when the title comes together.

What moments of animation made it special?
- When all the shapes come together and you realize it’s the title. It’s slow, slightly shaking, and cautious.

Do all the elements fit together?
- Absolutely. There’s only one style and every letter and line has the same simple purpose: compose the title.

02 Compare the two animations

Make a list of things that make one animation better than the other.
- It has a lot of ease in and ease out
- The main keyframes are slowed to emphasize what’s gonna happen next
- The anticipation is equal to the intensity of the action
- Some fast keyframes have been stretched to give a fake sense of motion blur

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