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Homework: Assignment


-What got me into motion design?
Modest Mouse - Float On Video. I was learning Flash and Premiere at the time and when I saw this video when I was in school it instantly turned me into combining design and motion.

-What was the goal?
Create a stylized video with pleasing visuals and motion but tell a story underneath the song.

-What are the characteristics of the design and audio?
This is probably one of the more upbeat Modest Mouse songs, so to balance it out with the visuals that on the surface but then have them tell an Orwellian story is pretty cool.

- Favorite Moments
0:16- 0:20 - The transition into the building of the sheep, just seeing all the moving parts and elements.

0:57 - 1:05 - Having the elements distort to the underwater scene without making it look forced or too realistic and the school of fish movements.

Throughout the whole video, I always loved the movements of the backing band and the interaction with their instruments.

- Compare the example animations and comment on which is superior and why.
The right has more natural movement(anticipation, smear frames etc) and doesn't break the plane with the other objects.
The left one intersects with the objects it interacts with and has a very rigid feel.

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