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Homework: Assignment


1-Choose a motion design that you love:
Airbnb - Hospitality

-What was the goal or the story of the piece meaning?
The goal of this piece is to show people the potential of each to change the world. In this case, Airbnb proposes the concept of hospitality and examples in which case the message is made effective.

-What was the characteristic of the design and the audio?
The features are: design 2d flat with folk music in the background, warm atmosphere, trying to generate connection and feelings with who is watching the video.

-What moments of animation made it special?
In the moment that is talking about amplifying your kindness, so the boy plays the guitar and the figure is magnified.

-Do all elements fit together?
Yes, all the elements in the elements in this piece are in harmony, the music , the animation, the colors, everything is Nice selected and work well.

2- Compare Animation
We can appreciate from the beginning that the animation of the left, the ball has the best course on the semi-sphere and the opposite happen with the right ball. Also, the left animation uses an effect of stretch the ball along the animation what causes an effect of fluency. In general, the animation on the left is more convincing and pleasant to see.


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