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Homework: Assignment


1. Motion Design that I love:
Vanishing Point

I think most of you know this video already,
this is made by Super talented Japanese motion Graphics: Takuya Hosogane, he even being called by "father of motion Graphics Japan"

"Vanishing Point" is the video that bring me into Motion Graphics world several years ago, and make me realize that audio driven visual is very pleasing to watch and make!

- What was the goal or the story of the piece?
The goal is to make a story imply of every audio match the movement, like in the beginning there is a wave, a guitar sound that been metaphorically translated into geometry!

- What are the characteristics of the design and the audio?
complex yet very simple graphical element, and for the audio is synchronize perfectly!

- What moments of animation made it special?
When after all the complex and fast movement, He make a calm / cool-down moments which is very nice timing to take a deep breath before enjoying another complex animation.

- Do all elements fit together?
Yes, great music + synchronize animation + good color and visual = Fit completely!

2. Compare animation:
Left one is lot more lively compare to the right one,
with timing + easing and especially when the ball is tossed to the air!

3. This is my first attempt with Adobe Animate [I never used that before, mainly I used AE for motion], *but some of Big people in Motion graphics industry, they started with Flash first!

So basically I try to apply 'smear' effect that our Mentor JR Canest teach us with little cosmetics like delayed effect and different composition to make it interesting! by drawing frame by frame, and not using any shape [that's why the result bit wobbly]


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