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Answers + 5 second animation
Homework: Assignment

What got you into motion design?

I was doing a class for multimedia at school and because I was not very good at drawing I stumbled across Motion design and thought it might be a better option for me. I was able to get 100% on my first assignment because of motion design. I took a break as I was working at a warehouse but am now trying to get back into it. The "myth" showreel is my inspiration as I like how the transitions are done, I think a lot of the character designs match with the feeling behind the music and same for the scenes.

Comparing the example animations
The ball on the left has squash and stretch at the beginning, when its dropping onto the arc, the right keeps the same form all throughout moving on the arc. The right ball also stays the same speed. The right ball goes through the arc as it is tilting upwards on the right side, whereas the left ball bounces a bit before landing on the tilting right arc. The right ball doesn't land on the platform correctly.

Myth | Animation and Motion Design Showreel 2021


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