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Lesson 1 Homework


Homework: Assignment

L1 Homework

1. What got you into motion design?

 Music, art, design, friends, and family. 

 There is so much good work out there. 

The most recent work from the school of motion got me excited about motion design,

The goal of the piece is to advertise the School of Motion, using the work of students to tell and showcase what the school does. 

 The audio is designed, with a VO. The SFX creates a nice flow, complementing the animation and accentuating the viewer's senses with the peak moments of pose/motion. The music is modern bass beat with, synth lines and exciting keyboards with a happy and exciting tone. The VO is exciting and energetic.

 The constant moving forward motion with slick transitions. The simple use of shapes, gradients, colors, and design. The surprise cuts of shapes and characters. 

 Yes all the styles fit together because the piece feels holistic even though there are multiple uses of techniques

 2. Compare the example animations and comment on which is superior and why.  

 Right GIF Diagram

Everything works. The timing and easing are correct. The elements of actions and positionings are correct. The speed is accounted for with a stretch. Holistically looking correct and believable.

 Left GIF Diagram

The motion is incorrect. There are delays in actions, causing timing issues.There is no speed stretch. Its completes the action but looks fake, and the motion looks wonky

 3. Adobe Animate 

 I skipped Animate to work in After Effects.

I animated at 15 frames.

 My design rules were -  only basic shapes. Black and white color. I had to use a range of masks, shape layers, and effects. 

Because of the design rules, I worked pose to pose instead of doing style boards beforehand. Animating with the flow of ideas and solving issues as they arise, as well as taking notes on setting up artwork for future designs in this project. 

Total animating work time - 6 hours.



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