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I started a graphic design school with the aim of working into video games industry. I quickly figured out that it wasn’t for me and discovered Motion Design in the same time. At first, I saw Motion Design as a competition between me and my colleagues, I wanted to show my skills and improve myself. A few years later, I understood that Motion Design was actually about sharing skills and knowledge. Nowadays, I think collaboration is the key to progress in this discipline. As you will have realized, what appeals me in Motion Design is to collaborate on new projects with friends or new people in good conditions.

" Costa Sunglasses // Fix Florida " made by Giant Ant.

For me, this video embodies what Motion Design is. Art direction is amazing, not to mention the work on storyboarding to make all the different shots perfectly matching together. I felt all kind of emotions when I watched it and the message is obvious. The consistency between storytelling, graphic design, animation and sound design is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how proud the team which worked on this project felt when, at the end of the day, they finally watched it. Making such a narration understandable through animation is the main strength of this project.


No doubt, the amount of time dedicated to each animation. :)
Seriously, in the first animation we can see a reflection on the ball’s dynamics which make it far more alive than the second one which feels heartless and insipid.


Here is my exercise on animate, I tried to improve it.



Yeah really cool :D

really really cool!