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Homework: Assignment


1. The Greatest Pinball Machines - Device POCKO
-This motion piece is an ode to old school pinball - the style, motion and nostalgia of the arcade pinball experience, channeled into a fun modern design flair.
- The audio is really well done, music and old school sound effects are authentic and really tightly synced to the motion. Makes me wonder if the rhythm of the audio was set before the visual motion.
- Love the smears as the ball zips around, still fitting with the design style.
- Flat design, character, fun shapes, 3d elements and texture all fit together seamlessly.

The first animation has a great sense of physics and weight. The ball zips around with fun and character.
The second animation is very linear and unimaginative. The ball moves about robotically and even clips through objects with little sense of real world physics. Not much style or character.

My little springy thing - I've used flash for years and dabbled a lot in frame by frame animation, so this should've been a lot nicer! Need to brush up.

The Greatest Pinball Machines - Device POCKO

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