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This is a quick ball bounce animation

1. What got me into motion design?
Answer: A music video a friend made 'Loud Pockets'

But the piece I am focusing on is a gif animation by Matt Voyce he made for Honda
(a rear view mirror with a perspective animation)

The goal:
To keep the viewer engaged in a classic forever loop

- Simple and Subtle but complex
- The perspective of the road and the shrinking palm trees
- There is NO audio

Special Moments:
- Is a really neat effect when Matt added the simple glare of 2 lines across the mirror

Do all the elements fit together:

2. Compare Animation:
The left animation is higher quality and smoother as it uses easy in and easy out

3. Ball Bounce Animation using:
- Easing
- Squash
- Shape Tween
- Classic Tween

Homework: Assignment

Experimenting with: Shape Tween, Motion Tween, Easing, and Squash


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