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Homework: Assignment

What got you into motion design?
I first got into “classic” animation with characters and storylines through features and short films. Now, I still love animation, and I think motion design is the next step to push animation’s boundaries. There’s so much experimentation to do and to have fun with.
A few studios got me interested in motion design: Man vs Machine, Future Deluxe, XK Studio… One piece I love is what XK Studio’s done for Velcro:
The goal was to create a tribute film that explains the hook technology behind the brand fasteners: little hooks along the fastener get attached to loops and can easily be ripped off. The designers managed to make it look sexy with beautiful 3D renders, a great color scheme and a perfectly cut edit to the audio. All of those elements complement each other and make the whole piece greater.

Comparing the animations
The left one is the greater animation out of the two. The second animation has an awkward feel as it uses the wrong type of interpolation for the curves: the ball accelerates at the top of its height in the first jump instead of slowing down. There’s no stretch on the ball and there’s no proper collision.



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