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Homework: Assignment


I have always had a love for animation and was intrigued from my days at college while I studied Graphic Design (2002) and wanted to pursue a career in animation in any form whether it be, cel animation, broadcast animation, 3D animator a mixture of the two.

A few years later I saw these incredible Motion Designs and animations from Rob Chiu (The Ronin - and Joost Korngold (Renascent - and they completely amazed me in the way they combined graphic animated elements with 3D renders and live footage to create narrative based animations and - I was hooked! I knew I had the graphic design background and my love for animation and could now move into a career that fused both disciplines.


> Choose a motion design piece you love

Nuance (Dance + Motion / Animation)

> What was the goal?

A interplay between light and dark, rhythm and movement accentuated by motion graphics and animation.

> What are the characteristics of the design and the audio?

The Audio is a track by Edit called Ants, it is subtle, glitchy and rhythmic in its composition which allows for quick cuts in the edit of the animation while still maintaining a flow to the overall track. The design is dark and minimilistic with just the dancer and his interaction with the "sphere" which becomes more elaborate and complex as the movement of the dancer becomes more erratic with the music and the cuts in the edit.

> What moments of animation made it special?
00:53 - 00:55
He is "fighting" with a cube that is dancing around his hand while the music glitches.
01:05 - 01:12
He transfers the shape from his hand to his foot, it becomes stuck to his shoe then releases it into the air then catching the bounce with his hands.
01:27 - 01:28
The editing to the track is exact and super precise with no motion or animation, only stills.

> Do all elements fit together?
I do think all of the elements fit together. The timing of the animation, the exaggeration of the sphere to the interplay between the dancer and the music and the editing. Every frame and beat is considered and executed flawlessly.


2. Compare animation

> Right
> Feels natural and relaxed.
> Exaggerated smear to give it a sense of speed.
> "Realistic" gravity and timing.
> Interaction with the stage elements have weight.
> Anticipation.

> Left
> Very rigid.
> Linear movement.
> Stage elements are very "static" in their interaction with the ball.


Adobe Animate frame animation

I have always been used to using key frames, graphs and tweening over the years and have never done any frame by frame animation (although I have worked with cel animators).

A ball rolling down a ramp into a fish tank, was interesting to understand the viscosity of water frame by frame.

Had a lot fun and decided to test out some more frame by frame animations and understanding moving key frames around for various eases, timing and weight which I am used to in After Effects.

Also played around with speed lines and smears.



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Hey Jason,

Great art direction. This is looking really good.

As a bit of uninformed constructive criticism, on the first animation of the ball rolling down the ramp, consider adding additional frames at the height of arc where the ball is in the air. This will slow down the animation as the ball transitions from an upward motion to a downward motion. This will create more emphasis on that change in direction and make the plunge into the water more impactful.