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Learning Process

Took the freedom to do it in callipeg. I bought the course some time ago but right after that my computer broke, so I had to start using the iPad a lot much more. I’m about to end the course, but at this point I got used to using different software. So I tryed to do all the course using a little different software than suggested. I used Callipeg for frame by frame animation, I used Affinity Designer for the design process, Ableton Live for the audio design phase and finally After Effects for animation and Premiere Pro for glueing it all up and rendering.
I’ll start uploading the things that I got to do, during this course.
Thanks for the knowledge Julio Rolando Canedo Estrada and Learned Squared

Homework: Assignment

Frame by Frame I

Did nine seconds of a little ball moving around, had some fun with it.

Pequeña Bolita


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