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Homework: Assignment

Lesson 1: Bambi and a Sun growing a Flower

1. The movie that made me interested in animation is Bambi. The story of this piece is that of a young fawn who journeys through growing up in the woods with many joys and pitfalls. Disney put a lot of energy and detail into the authenticity of the animation by bringing in deer for the animators to study the natural movement of the deer’s body. This detail to motion allows the viewer to believe what they’re seeing by taking a scientific study to movement. Another visual characteristic that sets this film apart from other animated films during this time (and still today), is the beautifully layered backgrounds the artists made with layers of glass to create depth in the woods. The music and sound effects reflect what is going on visually throughout the piece (like all Disney movies), and this is most demonstrated during Little April Showers. The movement of the leaves, drops of water, and animations of the animals are all driven by the music, and it creates a very holistic experience for the viewer.

2. I am going to say the left animation is A and the right animation is B.
A is better than B
The timing of the ball right away in the semi-circle is more accurate to what a ball would actually do. Specifically, the timing of the ball in B is choppy and not smooth - which is unnatural.
As the B ball leaves the semi-circle, it dips through the line of the semi-circle which disrupts the viewer’s understanding of the semi-circle as a solid form.
As the ball slides across the flat line, A ball uses a smear to show speed, and then the distance of the ball from frame to frame gets smaller as it slows down. For B, the ball has a linear speed from the first spring to the second, and there is no smear frame.


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