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Assignment 1

What got you into Motion Design?

Like most I started out as a graphic designer and through my studies was exposed to Saul Bass, Kyle Cooper, amoungst other great title artists. I was intrigued by the concept of being able to use images and movement to tell a story and capture the essense of an entire film in such a short time frame. So I started playing with animation techniques and learning various software. For me whenever I look at any still design I can help thinking, how can I get that moving?

The animation piece I chose was also going to be Metamorphosis by Buck, but since Rafeal and you already broke that down I chose another, Kyle Cooper's Island of Dr. Moreau.

I think this was the first piece that I saw where I understood how much music can make an influence on the visuals being presented. The shot at 1:38, the beating of the drums coordinating exactly with the growing of the vein is awesome. There is so much beautiful footage in this piece, such a collection of different material. Where did they get it all! It also introduced me to diffent ways you can cut up and create glitch effects with typography, something that is widely used today. It also captures the story in such a short span... the credits appear normal at first but then it appears as if they go through a metamorphosis as well, splittling and mutating till the end.

Animation Comparison

Animation 1: Better of the two. The ball flows and is restricted by the other elements surrounding it. They physics are more accurate (gravity, push, pull). It appears more realistic to how the ball would behave in real life.

Animation 2: Definitely needs some adjustments. Physics are not realistic and the ball blends into and doesn't align properly with the other elements. The spring bounce movements of the plungers are also very sharp with an incorrect easing. 

Homework: Assignment


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