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Lesson 1 - Defining Motion Design

What got you into Motion Design?

I studied Fashion Marketing at University and then began my career in digital marketing, and this has developed into a digital designer role. With video being shown and used by brands everywhere it seemed the perfect path to develop my motion design skills.

Compare Animation

The left animation is definitely better as it has a more realistic movement with ease in and outs, varying speeds etc. It responds to its surroundings whereas the right has the same concept but lacks the slick execution.


Play around with Adobe Animate!

Here is my ‘Quackers Family’ animation. First time using Adobe Animate so definitely need some more practice to clean and smooth the keyframes but let me know your thoughts! (p.s excuse the drawings, in particular, the beaks)

Animation 2 is my second attempt using Adobe Animate. In this, I wanted to experiment with water dropping from an umbrella. 

The Quackers Family Animation

Animation 2 - Under my umbrella


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