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2. Compare Animation

The Animation on the left is much better than the one on the right.

Animation on the left:
-Good stretch and speed on the first falling, and good use of motion blur.
-Good Ease out when the ball arrives in the curved platform, slowing down when rolling to the opposite side.
-Good control of the supporting left curved platform, giving a good simulation when trowing the ball.
-Good increase of speed when throwing the ball faster trough the air.
-Good wiggle of the left curved platform after throwing the ball.
-Good weight simulation of the ball falling down after a while (because it’s not that heavy) on the next line.
-Good subtle wiggle of that line after the ball falling.
-Good subtle stretch and squash of the ball and small jump, when it falls on the ground.
-Good anticipating of the square before kicking the ball, and good contrast of speed when hitting the ball.
-Good use of smear when representing well the velocity of the ball after being kicked.
-Nice dynamic landing of the ball after being kicked and landing on the next square.
-Good illusion of weight when landing the 2nd square.
-Good anticipation of the last square in terms of speed and distance on the position when throwing the ball trough the air. -Good use of speed of the ball when being thrown on the air.
-Good use of the smear when the ball is in the air.
-Nice simulation of speed when the ball disappears after the smear.

Animation on the right:
-Bad use of speed when falling and landing on the curved platform.
-Bad simulation of falling through the curved platform.
-Bad wiggle of the curved and second platform, when the ball falls trough.
-Bad timing between the ball and square, when the first square kicks the ball.
-Bad speed of the square when doing the anticipation.
-Bad speed of the square when giving the simulation of kicking the ball to be fast.
-To much wiggle on the second square after kicking the ball trough the air.
-No use of motion blur and smear on the ball, which makes the animation less dynamic.
-Bad use of speed of the ball when being thrown trough the air.
-Lack of Eases - contrasts of speed.
-The movement is too mechanic.
-No smoothness on the movement, which makes it a little stiff.