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1. So this video didn't really get me into motion design, but it did inspire me a lot, and I really like this illustration and animation style so I thought I would share.

I am a graphic designer and am always wanting to learn new skills, and I have seen a lot of really cool animations that help tell a visual story that still graphics can't do. So I think what got me into motion design was that I wanted to learn how to make these animations, and how to make them look real and fluid.

2. I think the left animation was better. There are times when the ball looks like it stretches to add some motion blur to it that makes it feel more real. The ball on the right animation also seems to go through the objects and it looks like it glitches or messes up.

3. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty intimidated by frame by frame animation and using Adobe Animate. It still is a bit foreign to me. One of my biggest struggles with frame by frame animation is figuring out how far apart to space each frame. I never know where to place each keyframe and have to adjust or add spaces after I have already created them. I know my animation is pretty choppy, and this is the main reason. I am used to using After Effects where you can adjust the timing of the keyframes more easily.

I do hope to get better at frame by frame animations but it is definitely a struggle for me right now. Anyways, I had fun creating this little GIF!

P.S. I redid my ball bounce animation based on what I learned about the principles of motion in Lesson 2. I think it looks much better and more smooth.