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What go you into motion design?

Choose a Motion Design piece that you love. -- Skyfall (2012) Opening Credit ([](

What was the goal, or the story of the piece?
The purpose of this piece is to suggest and let people imagine what will happen in the rest of the movie without verbally explain it.

What are the characteristics of the design and the audio?
Throughout the video, the viewers eyes are forced to look at the center of the screen by placing the hero objects in the center. There are almost no sound effects correlating to the objects movements. However, the video transitions to the next scene as the song transitions to the next section.

What moments of animation made it special? Do all elements fit together?
1: What's significant about this is that most of the movements are quite linear (especially the camera movement), yet it doesn't look cheap. The slow steady linear movement of the camera in Z-space is almost giving the sense of sinking deep into the water just like the main character is sinking.
2: The composition is for the most part symmetrical to direct the viewers eyes towards the center.
3: It is clear to see the scene changes thanks to the colors in each scene.
4: The film noir mood is consistently used throughout this video.
5: Blood, hair, ink, sand in the water, smoke and blowing fire have similar looks and they are repeatedly used throughout the video. They all are creating this cohesive look.

Homework: Assignment

Compare animation - Download the video below and make a list of things that make one animation better than the other.

The one on the left looks like it's accurate to the real world physics. It moves the way we expect the ball to. On the other hand, the one on the right looks very odd. Although it is at the constant speed, it looks like it's moving fast at the moment we expect it to move slow such as when it's in the air. I noticed the one on the left has motion blur (the ball looks elongated). This is also accurate to the real world (the way we see the world). The one on the right looks like it was filmed at a higher shatter speed than our brain's shutter speed (you know what I mean).


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