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Lesson 1: Homework


It's always been interesting. Every kid likes cartoons and animated movies. My skill development has been in 2D Concept Art and Illustration but it's probably been since seeing the Guild Wars 2 promotional art where they had animated the Concept Art in After Effects that it kind of opened my mind to this possibility of animating otherwise static images. I guess it made me realise that motion graphics wasn't such a huge step away from still imagery and was something I could add to my ammo belt. Before that I had mucked around with little animated logos in Adobe Fireworks and had an interest in claymation when I was in my single digits. Ash Thorp is a huge inspiration and is probably the main signpost to this course.
Currently Motion Graphics is now a requirement of my job so I'm wanting to level up to rise above mediocrity.

Inspirational piece I've selected:

VERSUS by ManVsMachine /

I find from the very opening it, the story provides some mystery through showing the rear of the animals. This angle introduces sort of makes them abstract shapes without the distraction of the facial details, with the climbing in intensity audio kind of awakening the piece.
My interpretation of the story is that it portrays the struggles within the animal kingdom, creatures that are in conflict by nature. Also I believe the idea may have spawned from the studio's name, the idea of versus.
The audio and design tie very well together, each complementing one another. The audio delivers intensity and an extra sensory hit in sync with the strong visual narrative.
Technically it is awesome achievement. The realism of the creatures is very life like and the rendering techniques such as focus shifting give it a great cinematic quality. Particle effects, hair and fur and the overall attention to detail is astonishing, being a great example for the current state of CG.
I like how the compositions are simplified, with many of the shots main elements often set within a basic shape such as a circle or triangle.
It already wows me in the first 15 seconds and then at the 1 minute mark it becomes a colourful spectacle of organic growth explosions. There is a steady buildup then it flattens out, then bam, goes up, in terms of visual impact.
It's a visual feast.


The animation on the left is more successful and pleasing to the eye. It uses smears and more care is made witht he timing to give it proper weight and momentum. The animation on the right is all on 1's with no smearing or easing and in some parts cuts into solid shapes.

I made this using the frame animation timeline in Photoshop, since I knew I wanted to paint most of the frames and find drawing in Animate a pain.


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