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Assignment 1
a) Choose a Motion Design piece that you love.
The music video for "Hocus Pocus - Hip Hop ft. The Procussions"
b) What is the goal or the story of the piece?
The song expresses the authors' criticism of modern hip-hop culture and how clothes and accessories have
become more important than the music. The motion graphic video serves to underline the text with animations
displaying the text but also as a comedic element in synergy with the song.
c) What are the characteristics of the design and the audio?
The design is held in flat, shaded colors. All footage recorded with a camera was desaturated and tinted.
Most of the colors used are varied, displaying the diversity that hip-hop actually represents.
The video incorporates a style largely inspired by photo collages which are animated. Furthermore text is
animated to go along and even enhance the lyrics.
d) What moments of animation made it special?
Moments that especially impressed me were the scene in which the three stripes seemlessly flow into the
stripes on the adidas sweatpants. Also notable is the way the animation accompanies the lyrics of the third
couplet, especially the line "hip hop is on the ledge and it needs to be talked down" at which the word
"hip hop" is being pushed up a ledge by the rest of the sentence resulting in the "hop" falling or jumping
off the ledge while the "hip" remains.
e) Do all elements fit together?
While the elements are not at all times consistent with the style of photo collages, the style of animation
and the composition of colors prevails throughout the video. With this relative uniformity all of the
elements fit together.

Assignment 2
a) Which animation is superior and why?
The left animation is superior, because the velocity of the ball is dynamic mimicing the physical effect
of gravity on an object. The shape of the ball also changes based on the speed at which it moves simulating
motion blur. Lastly the ball on the left is behaving as though it was actually colliding with the other
elements of the animation, while the one on the right does not actually seem to be affected by the movements
of other elements and simply moves through them.


Hocus Pocus - Hip Hop ? feat The Procussions [Official Video]