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1. What got you into motion design?
I was always interested in motion design mainly because it was associated with animation. There were tons of similarities, but I was interested in getting to know the ins and outs of how info graphics and commercials came to be. YouTube videos and kinetic typography drew me towards motion graphics as well.

2. Choose a motion design piece that you love.

3. What was the goal or the story of the piece?
The piece was for David Blaine and it was about how he was capable of pushing the human body to the limit. Different scenes matched up perfectly with the narration and eerie music.

4. What are the characteristics of the design and audio?
It was interesting because the colors of the piece were saturated and bright, but it still felt really dark. The audio definitely helped set the mood of the video by playing very low, eerie background noise while the narrator described the “man” the video was about.

5. What moments of the animation made it special?
Most, if not all, of the transitions were over the top. Great pacing that went well with the music. I love how they set the tone in the beginning of the piece.

6. Do all the element fit together?
Yes. REALLY well.

Animation Comparison:

The first animation uses the principles of animation. The squash, stretch, and blur allows the timing to look more exaggerated and moves fluidly. Spacing helps the ball slow down and speed up giving it a more convincing look. The video on the right, however uses none of the principles highlighted causing the animation to look jittery. The timing and spacing are all the same making it a boring piece overall.