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Defining Motion Design - Assignment 01

1. What got you into motion design?

I started animation because of all the pixar movies in my early years. After I graduated as an animator I started doing freelance work in all types of animation/media. I did motion tracking, animating, design, filmmaking, editing, 3D. I tried it all to see what fits me the most. Motion graphic / Motion design stuff really stood out for me as someone I wanted to creat. After getting a portfolio review by Media Monks they told me to follow this course! So here I am :)

2. Compare the example animations and comment on which is superior and why.

The left animation is far more superior because of timing and easing. You can see the clear difference when the ball is ''rolling'' in the gutter. The right animation is to linear and doesn't feel natural at all.

3. Play around with Adobe Animate! Create and share a 5 second animation.


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