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What got you into Motion Design?

I went to school for Graphic Design and really love learning about all aspects and mediums of art and design. Through my findings and experience I found that animation and motion graphics are the most compelling. Making design move is incredibly gratifying and the constant upkeep with technology and techniques keep you on your toes to try and stay relevant. I can't picture doing anything else.

One of the motion design pieces that got me into animation motion was Adam Gault’s “Gettysburg Address”. I enjoy history and seeing it depicted in a way that was so rich in art but also shown in a new way really grabbed my interest. The iconography with the narration proved to powerful. It showed me a new way of designing and depicting a story, and the narration and sound design along with it really elevated everything.

I think one of the most memorable and special parts of the animation were the rifles transitioning into the eagles fighting, the shackled feet walking and the stitching together of the United States. All of these things could probably be touched on in great length. Incredibly strong imagery.

The elements of the animation/film fits together well. The same color palette is used throughout and all created in a the same digitally worn/grungy style. I think the piece still holds weight and I revisit it from time to time.


Animation Comparison

Animation 1:

Way better.

The animation is clean and has the correct principles applied. Timing, anticipation, follow through just to name a few. The red ball lines up with the actions of its surroundings and through that detail has a more believable depiction.

Animation 2:

Not good..

The timing is off. The ball moves after it has been hit but the squares at the bottom as well as falls after the half circle has already opened. It looks like the ball jumps from an invisible ledge after the half circle opens. All in all the its looks very sloppy compared to the 1st.


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