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Choose a Motion Design piece that you love.
Break apart and write down the part of the piece meaning:
- What was the goal or story of the piece?
- What are the characteristics of the design and the audio?
- What moments of animation made it special?
- Do all elements fit together?

The goal of the piece is to display the names of the speakers of the event. The piece
manages to make a narrative thought the animation by displaying a lot of “data”.
The message of the narrative is to feel a sense of calmness within the chaos that
demonstrates within chaos there can be an orderly environment in which someone can take
an advantage of the situation and decompress.
The design is not very complex due to the nature of simple shapes and colors that come
together in some areas of the screen or sometimes the whole frame, and this simplicity
reflects the sound like the classical melodic sound of the piano that as a slow tempo but a
faster one in the background makes the piece very complete and shows how synced the
visuals are with the audio.
The beginning and the end of the piece made the piece very complete and the end in
particular made a sort of catharsis for the viewer to see all those bit of data coming together
and forming the logo of FITC Tokyo. The beginning is interesting because it shows the burst
and how fast was the escalation of the animation, which puts the viewer in a position to know
exactly the pace and the fact that the piece managed to establish that in the first seconds is
I would say that everything comes together for the same reasons mentioned above.

I think the left animation is better because it has the following characteristics:
- The ball as a better interaction with the environment as it slides on the edge.
- The smear in between frames gives a sense of speed.
- There is weight to the ball as if there is gravity in the scene.
- The ball behaves in a somewhat realistic way from the external forces from the

The assignment was fun and understanding twos and thirds are one of those things where you can only grasp when you do it. Can't wait to do the next one.

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