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Task 1: What got me into motion design?

Actually this (Unleash your fingers by Samsung):

This film was published 7 years ago – it’s not the most amazing motion design piece I can think of, but this is the one that made me learn it. I was a graphic design student at that time and took my first steps in motion design using pen & paper and creating shitty frame-by-frame-animations using flash. I mean, like really shitty :D

Then I came across this piece and was blown away – the combination of „real“ footage, music and graphic design was insane to me these days, especially the way those guys nailed to create a choreography which perfectly matches music and even enhances their motion design.

– To show that you can access pretty much everything you can imagine simply by using your fingers. I like this concept – it was an ad for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone.

– The mix of real footage, 3D-Motion-Design and Audio in a perfect balance is outstanding in this piece.

Special moments:
– Scene @01:02: The moment when he places the grid onto of his face and then moves to the side and stops – but the grid keeps moving, slides off his face and vanishes in smoke.

– Scene @01:29: I love when he does those little steps with his fingers and each step creates one of those cubes. Audio is matched perfectly to the visuals. Love it.

Do all the elements fit together? Definitely!

Task 2: Compare Animation

The left one is way better – the timing, easing, smearing and physics are better plus the right one has logical flaws (e.g. ball slipping through line at some points)

Task 3: My own Flash-Animation

I like that task – gives me flashbacks to the good ol’ times. To me Flash was always a tool to create 2D-Animations. So I tried to break that and create something 3D. Hope you like it:

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