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1. I’ve always wanted to work in an animation-related field and originally wanted to find a program in school that catered to that. I got into graphic design after teaching myself Photoshop in high school and doing some random designs and drawings for friends. When I got to school they offered an animation class and that’s when I was introduced to After Effects. I spent countless hours in the lab doing a project that involved Typography set to music. When I saw how powerful a piece became when you combined sound and design, I was hooked. The idea that you can bring life to simple objects has been something I’v always wanted to pursue ever since.

2. The one one the left is better. The ball has weight that is expressed through squash and stretch. It feels better.

3. Homework is the motion of a pendulum swing. This was really challenging for me to do by hand. Don't have much experience with frame by frame but I've always wanted to learn traditional animation. I'm glad I took the time to do this, looking forward to the rest of the course.