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Lesson 1 Homework
Homework: Assignment

Here are my 3 pieces of homework


I've always been incredibly passionate about animation 

but never really gave it a try, I've been getting into drawing

and graphic design over the last couple of years and recently

I've been incredibly curious about motion design and have become

very attracted to the intricacies within it.

The piece I chose was Keinon by Tendril.

Shorts like this have always inspired me, this piece 

tells a story through the details rather than dialogue.

Through the use of lighting and color it gives a real 

sense of loneliness to the protagonist but also gives

a sense that he's on some sort of quest for revenge,

like he has some personal vendetta against those demons.

The audio really grounds everything and brings it together,

in the beginning there was some ambient noise and screams/growls

from the demons which really gives the piece an epic feeling

and also forshadows something is about to happen, shortly after the 

ambient sounds stop and it's just the sounds of the fighting 

and the man screaming which helps alot to convey that he is 

angry at the demons, and has personal stakes in this. Also 

the sounds of rocks breaking and glass shattering when he

defeats each demon gives his attacks a sense of weight and 

believability. Everything comes together to create a very

interesting and fluid piece of animation, it feels like 

every element is perfectly crafted and created with intention,

nothing is there without a reason.

2. Comparing the two different animations

The animation on the left is better. When it starts out the

ball on the left falls fast and then slows down once it hits 

the half circle, where as the one on the right maintains the

same speed the entire time. When they get launched up and hit

the stick before landing on the ground the ball on the left

seems to interact with it alot more realistically where as

the ball on the right almost phases through it. As the balls 

fall down and get pushed by the box the ball on the left smears

to indicate motion and speed where as the one on the right doesn't.

That feeling of speeding up and slowing down gives the left one

a feeling of momentum and fluidity that the piece on the right



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