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What got you into motion design? Cartoon Network and Collage motion graphics. MK12 studio
Choose a motion design piece you love
Casino Royale opening credits
Break apart and write down the parts of the piece meaning:
What was the goal, or the story of the piece?
Showing bond fighting bad guys mixed with a casino. Precursor to the main event/setting in the casino
What are the characteristics of the design and the audio?
Love the transition at the end from a mask b&w to a roto bond. Love the cross hairs turning into casino roulettes, two holes in the 7 card make it look like 007, love the mask animations with the motion feeling very realistic. Love the music has a pumping thing to it.
What moments of animation made it special?
The lines at the end which bend a repeat and create a spatial depth with bond coming into full colour roto from b&w mask.
Do all elements fit together?
Yes apart from the early part with bond in a multiple stencil looking effect only at beginning and felt like a weird thing to have.

2. Compare animation
Stretch when flying
Ease out when ball drops
Elastic feeling when on the semicircle.


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