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Choose a motion piece that you love:
Love is definitely too strong a word… enjoy is probably better for this particular one.
Moonrise Kingdom Kinetic Typography

It brings to life a part of the movie Moonrise Kingdom, when Scout Master Ward is recording his log.

The audio is the voice of the Scoutmaster as he records his situation. The words and audio match up.

The moments that make the animation special are when the type moves in a way that mimics the words being displayed. For example the intro where the recorder clicks on and the calendar displays for the date works really well. Other special parts are when he says “moral is extremely low” and “low” drops to the bottom of the screen.” And with the pause before “by a significant margin” the timing and the dotted line are also pretty successful conveying the sentiment.

I think the elements work together. That said I think it could be done better. Playing with the typography as well as the color I think could make this video more successful.

Compare the two animations, what makes one animation better than the other?
The animation on the left is the stronger animation. The bouncing and speed of the ball feel better. The speed feel’s quicker when it rolls across the bottom board. The bounce of the ball makes it feel lighter. The one on the right feels heavy in comparison. The exaggeration of the ball makes the left one successful.