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Homework Assignment 1

What got you into motion design?
One of my favorite animated features was Salvador Dali and Disney film Destino. Destino tells a love story about two souls trying to find one another. Its supposed to be their Destiny. They are each other’s destiny. The combination of the motion/animation and audio is beautiful. The music compliments the story wonderfully. It sets the mood and the scene construction is seamless. Everything flows into one another. The scenes where the two try to reach out for one another are very special. There are several different elements involved in the short film that work very well together. The universe is very magical and work in tandem with one another. The combination of animation and music makes you feel for the two lovers.

2. Compare animation
The animation on the left is more active and fluid. The animation on the right is stiff and too even. The left one has ease ins and ease outs making it more interesting. It also has squash and stretch. The one the right has awkward stops and hits that make it less believable and less interesting to look at.

Motion Design HW1.5 (Converted)