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1. What got me into motion design?
I wanted to dive into animation since I graduated the art school a few years ago. Currently I'm working at a little film production called "We Make Them Wonder" based in Munich, Germany. I spend the main part of my working day editing commercials, composting several shots or doing some small title animations.
But over time more and more projects involving animation stood on the agenda and I finally decided, to expand my knowledge of animation.

— Choose a motion design piece you love —
Well it's hard for me to decide. Because there is no specific animation that put me in the state of mind, "I wanna be a motion designer". But if I had to pick one that really pushes me to "taking the first steps" then it's probably...
Watch Dogs 2.0 Cinematic by MK12

— What was the goal? —
Based on the game Watch Dogs, it's about a modern society in which every piece of technology is connected to each other resulting in a big operating system (ctOS) to simplify many things in life like regulating the traffic based on current situations. However, with the advantage of this technology there is also a flipside. The OS also tracks positions, behaviors and collects digital footprints that "smart devices" leave behind. So that governments, market researcher, insurance companies, ... can predict circumstances and react before they even happened. But in every society, there are some outbreakers from the system. Those hacked into the OS and gained the control to use it for their advantage.
So the goal of this piece in the first place was to visualize a brief history, the connectivity, the power and danger of using that OS. And in the end there are some guys who use it to do something for their own account.

— What are the characteristics of the design and the audio? —
The visual concept is heavily designed like interactive futuristic infographics. It uses lines, maps, grids and dots to show the connectivity of the system. A few texts are used to mark some important facts and statements. During the whole film a voice over talks about the history and usage of it. At first this piece feels like a commercial, but it‘s getting darker and creepier closer to the end, almost like an episode of Black Mirror.

— What moments of animation made it special? —
00:24 Simple text with powerful sound design makes that statement so impressive.
00:47 Big Brother splits apart into thousands of photos of severals employees of ctOS.
01:33 Every piece of information gets merged together into the surface of the earth
01:48 The style of the animation changes to a more colourful chaotic way. Breaking the convention to clarify the lost of control

— Do all elements fit together? —
Yes the tonality of this piece fits perfectly together.

2. Comparison
The left one is the way to go.
On the left one the motion, timing and pacing feels more dynamic than on the right one. It also uses smear to show the speed of the ball.
The right one feels stiff, linear, boring.

3. Adobe Animate
During last homework I just played around with Adobe Animate without any concept. Just diving in and seeing where it leads to. This is the result…