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1. I'm working as a UI Designer and I have a background in fine arts and illustration, so I also make illustrations and drawings.
Many times I'm asked to make an animation or animate some UI elements. I do the animation poorly in After Effects, always thinking that I should get better and actually learn motion design. This course seems perfect because it's not focused on a software but at the end goal, learning to create an animation. So far I really enjoyed it, it reminds me of the studio courses I had in university.

I'm fascinated by the work of Yukai Du, she has a unique style in illustration and in animations. I wonder how she is creating the morphing elements, all those shapes moving in space and the signature texture. An example of her work:

2. The animation on the left is superior. Almost every element on the right animation has a flaw. First, the ball seems to slip through the circle element. It nearly touches the floating balance line. Afterward, there's a second when the square's line that pushes the ball isn't connected with the left structural line. So in the right animation, the laws of physics aren't obeyed.

3. This was my first time in Animate, I really enjoyed drawing the bird exercise