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Hello everyone!
I’m Patrick and I’m a German based Illustrator and Motion Designer.
So this what I got for the first assignment!

1.What got you into Motion Design?

Thats pretty difficult, but I think I was always interested in Motion Design/Animation, but what really kicked me was when I discovered the „Kurzgesagt“ YouTube Channel while I was in collage. I was really intrigued by these cute and simple designs and animations and especially that they served a purpose, to make the content of the video more easy to understand.

After that I got more into indie animations and found the work of Eamon o’neill, especially his short animation „left“(
had a lasting impression on me.
The Story, the Designs, the music, everything fits so well together and really struck me. The designs are all so simple but so effective.
Especially the scene where the boys jump into the water is really special, because you can see Eamons skill and love for the craft.

2. Compare Animations

The left one is better, because it’s uses the principles of animations to create a believable movement.

3. Play around with Adobe Animate!

I did a really small animation to test Animate and I really have to say that Animate is really hard for me. I try to keep going, but it will not be easy…


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