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1. I chose "Designed by Apple in California" :
When I first saw it, I'd been working mostly as an editor and hadn't had much exposure or education into what Motion Design was. This Apple piece really opened my eyes and helped me understand not just what motion design was, but how powerful it can be when done well.
This piece is telling the story of Apple's design process and philosophy, explaining to viewers both how they do what they do, and 'why' they do it.
The visuals and audio are simple, clean, and emotive. In fact, I think a lot of what made the piece *click* for me was the simplicity. To be able to tell a powerful story by taking simple shapes (circles and lines) and animating them artfully in such a variety of ways was very impressive to me.
A few of my favorite parts are the "love/connection" section and the "simplify/perfect" section. Some of the ideas are fairly complex, but the creators of this piece found such elegant, simple ways to communicate them. That really blew me away at the time.
The elements definitely fit together - the music, sound effects, typography, the simplicity of shapes and color. All the intentional limitations set within the spot not only make it feel cohesive, but elevate the piece as a whole.

2. The animation on the left is better. The motion feels more realistic, and the ball interacts more naturally with the other elements in the scene than it does on the right. There is a greater sense of timing and flow, and the left side uses eases and smears to help convey the weight and speed.