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1. What got you into motion design?

I touched on motion design briefly while in design school. I always loved how complex and beautiful it could be, how it was literally the next level to beautiful static imagery but it felt incredibly difficult for me to pick up the software while also trying to learn the fundamentals of design. I'm well into my design career now with (hopefully) a strong design foundation, and still to possess some basic motion skills, but am really looking to push them into the next level.

- Choose motion design pieces you love

- what was goal or story
I recently went to see the most recent Cirque du Soleil show called Volta. This show has incredible multimedia integration, especially during it's faux reality show segments. The motion graphics that were displayed in the background of the stage were so amazing that I could barely focus on the insane acrobatics happening right in front of me. There was a very abstract goal to these pieces, perhaps meant to demonstrate the beauty of materials, ie. Gold, fiber, concrete, powders, silver, etc.

- what are the characteristics of the design and audio
Light, sound and physical movement was all tied into making these pieces special, like bursts of powdered colour on a black background while acrobats danced on stage. Glitched out images in saturated colours, with abstract patterns, statues and gold clumps flowed between rotating in slow motion, to extremely kinetic movement. Two singers sang live while acrobats danced and statues or objects exploded behind them on large monitors.

- what moments of animation made it special
The way the motion design was threaded so precisely with everything else that was happening during the show really helped elevate it to the next level. The thing that really blew me away was the movement of light with sound, and the luxuriousness of some of the images that appeared, only to be substituted for something completely different.

- Do all elements fit together?
During specific segments, yes there were certain themes that were able to stand on its own, but all entirety of the pieces tied together very appropriately for the show. The entire range of visual styles really flowed together in a way that seemed like very thought out, organized chaos. Very cerebral and visceral.

2. Compare animation
- download file, make list of things that make one animation better than the other
The left animation uses and exaggerates physics in a cartoonish way. The animation on the right is very rigid and doesn't really demonstrate mass or gravity in the same way.

3. play around with animate
create a 5 second animation in animate