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1. What got me into motion design?

I'm a graphic designer in the action sports industry with my education in illustration. I would say there's not one motion graphic work that got me interested in motion graphics. I've long been a fan of Akira and classic cartoons. Plus, music videos would be another big influence. If I had to name a designer it would be Saiman Chow. Here's one of his that I've selected to share:

2. Ball animation Breakdown -

The one on the left feels better. The speed of the motion feels as though it has weight. It's using smears a couple of times to help with the feeling of speed and motion. There's also easing to help the feel of motion when the ball changes direction.

3. I've used Animate to create a sneezing cloud. This was fun to work on, but I can see how you can burn hours and hours just for a couple of seconds.