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• Choose a motion design piece that you love
‘Tiny Story’ by Sebas and Clim (2012).

• Break apart and write down the parts of the piece meaning:

o What was the goal or story of the piece?
The goal was to demonstrate the relationship, communication and emotion between ‘physical’ objects.

o What are the characteristics of the design and audio?
The look and feel is minimalist with block colour that changes with every scene. For something so pared back there is a great sense of scale and use of negative space.
The audio is synced very nicely with the animations, the music slows or stretches with the motion of an object. It begins with a ‘zen’ feel but as the objects pick up pace so does the track, with interactions highlighted by various effects.

o What moments of animation made it special?
I like the ‘Share’ scene because it instantly nails the title in the most simplest of styles. The two lines being shared around an invisible circular path, is class, it is not route one!

o Do all the elements fit together?
Absolutely, everything is minimal with a nice palette and typography. The shapes and forms are neat and do not change scale. The border shadow and is it moves from beginning to end is a constant which ties everything together as well as the grid lines.

Compare Animations

The animation on the left feels a lot different to the other in that the interactions utilise animation principles a lot more. It feels less clunky and the physics and path of the ball relate and react to the mechanisms a lot better.