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Homework: Assignment


There's a lot to talk about my decisions for this compositing lesson, but i'll try to be short.

In this last version of my titles for "Emigre" i cut the flatcap from the final renderings. The 3d result wasn't really interesting and a rainy, empty scene seemed to be more captivating. I tried to acheive an overall "dark" feeling to the sequence, with heavy shadows and a colour palette that could comunicate a sensation of unease.

The statue of liberty is a very important element for the second part of the scene. While it should symbolize the freedom and the infinite possibilities of the new world, her face is hidden by shadows and the whole construction seems to be unclear, blurred, almost sombre, as the main story is going to be.

I'm really happy with the final result. Hope to achieve the best results in the final lesson. Thanks for watching!


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