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Homework: Assignment


They were that fantastic Trailer and the song performed by Ryan Gosling. I was lost within my mind trying to put back all my
memories together after watching the trailer. That song and the visuals drive me into a huge city where I could see my self
surrounded by a thousand shining stars. I felt like I could see through that innocent and pure intentions they had toward
each other. I decided to capture that moment and bring all that feeling into a visual form, something pure and innocent. I
created that frame, a small little girl dancing with a thousand stars. As a visual creator, I believe I could push that image
much further. I love this movie so much ! What if all these stars and love could tell its stories in some way that support the
movie ? It could become a book cover of LaLa Land, a land of music, romance and love.
Every single visual element appear need to support the movie. By bringing back some scenes from the movie, I’m able to tighten up the relationship between the
movie and the title. All designs and layouts were carefully considered for the credits placement. I want the entire experience to be smooth and perfect. “ Yasashii “
was the font that I chose to use. It was the closest one that I could find. The camera movements should be slow and gentle. The main objects will still have some
movements but it should feel like slow-motion because fast movements will be too distracting for the texts. The entire graphics were a combination of 2D and 3D
graphics. All characters and key objects are 3D graphics generated. It gives us the flexibility to easily animate both characters and camera.
I’m very excited to share with you this work. As you can probably tell, I got very into it. This treatment only represents my
initial thoughts, and I would love to have inputs from you and make this dream become reality.
HaiHa Dang


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