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Homework: Assignment


The brief I chose was The Hallow.

America, the early 1700s. A land surveyor loses his bearings during a blizzard. Utilizing his unique skills, he must fight back against nature to return home.

I was exploring the themes in this movie when i realised that perhaps the surveyor had religious ties, what with the title of the movie. I figured the themes of nature challenging the mans believes and abilities would be a strong motif for change and a sense of feeling trapped. The surveyors basic tools and knowledge would be tested, and as the ice would slowly engulf them, i'd use abstract angles to show the changing of the mans understanding of nature and his belief as the land would change too. As the tools became trapped in ice, we would slowly see more refractions of what was once so simple and second nature to him; eventually showing just abstract shapes and ice, finally showing how nature eventually would change him as a person as he did everything he could to survive. I was using volumetric lighting too which gave a sense of holy and ambiguity to the mood. A bit like a blizzard whiteout, which i would liken to the glow of a religious experience. I chose some simple and recognizable shapes for the tools. I think i would need to have another think about the specific tools and icons which would be seen. I'm going to work on desaturating the frames and overlaying ice/snow textures to wash out a lot of the detail.


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Blizzard as a religious experience... the blizzard testing the entirety of the man; body and beliefs. I love the idea of the tools/symbols being changed visually through layers of ice. Are you basing this off a personal experience, or a historical account?

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Yeah, I somehow liked the reference to religious beliefs and god vs. man, god created nature, nature tests man sorta theme that i could feel going through the brief. I think i would be basing it off a historical account. I like the idea that the person in the film would be somewhat scientific in his methods, but religious at heart. Maybe a mixture between both would be ideal. Thanks for the comment Seji!