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Minimalising is hard..

My idea with this assignment was to envision an alternate world where blood is the global currency and source of power. Everything runs on blood; cars, homes, airplanes, etc. Taxes are literally paid in blood. You have to contribute to the global resource by donating daily.
I tried to captivate that idea in these six frames while trying to be symbolic. I have a bad habit of oversaturating things with detail, so it was hard to fight my impulses and keep it simple.

I spent precious little time designing the elements of the first 2 frames, so i know they suck :S

Homework: Extra Credit

A long road to divinity.

For the 2D assignment i chose Divinity Original Sin 2. It's a video game where you are chosen by a god to be the next divine, but you are not the only one. You become a target for everything from religious fanatics to monsters from hell. I found this challenging, since graphics are not my forte, but i think i made some progress, at least. Any feedback is appreciated.
The synopsis can be found in the pictures.


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