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Homework: Assignment


Voices of a distant star chronicles a long-distance relationship between two close friends. Attempting to communicate with one-another over the course of an interstellar war by utilizing text messages. Each message take years to reach their recipient.

Fitting in with the stories base plot of communication, the concept for the title screen involves a message traveling through space. With a long drawn out animation and mellow music, the somber tone and mood is conveyed. As the text message is sent out, portrayed as a beam of light, the space station lets out a faint glow. Traveling from right to left, in relevance to the Japanese comic books (manga) beginning from the right side. The beam of light travels at a consistent drawn out speed, emphasizing on the distance between both protagonist. 

Following in suit of the brief; the style frames graphics were create strictly from triangles, circles and squares. Applying the principles of design: balance, symmetry and negative space. Colour gradients were adjusted for a mellow cool palette. Motion blur and colour dodge was applied for a subtle sense of movement and lighting.

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