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Homework: Assignment

Strangely drawn

I chose Doctor Strange, since it's one of my favourite marvel films. I tried to capture the weirdness, in terms of physics, magic and parallel worlds/realms. I went for a less narrative based intro, and more a sort of escalation of the weird factor in that universe. I liked the idea of mixing liquid and hard surfaces, to represent worlds colliding and merging. I chose a font that i thought looked a little oriental and ancient. (Cinsel)
I think the intro is primed to encourage the creation of lots of organic effects, which would further enhance the weirdness.

Homework: Extra Credit

Geometric Witcher

Im not quite sure i got this assignment right, but i used exclusively squares, triangles and circles to depict style frames for my favourite game, The Witcher 3.
It was fun and challenging to break down and oversimplify some of the underlying themes/Qualities of that universe. I focused a lot on the visceral violence, the constant threats and the mutation aspect of the series.


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